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Game News
Welcome to THE ELITE IMMORTALS web page. (We play on: )

We are a small guild with dedicated players. We expect our members to share, participate in GRB weekly, to vote daily for the REBIRTH server and above HAVE FUN

We have just a few simple rules. We expect them to be followed. Your first offense will be a warning. A second offense will be reviewed by all G.O.'s and some sort of action will be taken. All guild officers have the right to kick you from the guild.

Rule 1: No asking for Power Levels in guild chat. The officers will be offering power levels several times a week. Please Check schedule for times.

Rule 2: No selling items to guild mates. We expect you to share. You may however ask to trade items with guild mates. If you are in need of money please sell your items in the Auction House.

Rule 3: You must participate in GRB. This is where we get the majority of Etin, which allows us to have a functional Guild House. If there is an issue IRL that prohibits you from participating, we expect you to notify a Guild Officer ahead of time.

Rule 4: Vote daily if possible, for our Rebirth server. The links are on the home site. Keeping our server number one gives you a monthly bonus of DP.

Rule 5: As per Rebirth rules... you may have multiple accounts, and you may duo box...however having more then 4 accounts is not allowed. You will be banned by site ADM. This is a SERVER rule. Please respect it.

Rule 6: ALL your toons MUST belong to THIS guild or none of them can belonging to two guilds!

Rule 7: It is against the rules to attempt Duping or Cheating of any kind. Disrespecting the Admins and any form of cheating...whether successful or not, is grounds for IP BAN. This is a SERVER rule as well. If any guild officer catches you, we will kick you and report offense to the Admins.
Guild News

items to keep in Guild Warehouse

rockinmom, Dec 8, 10 1:56 AM.
There has been some controversy as to what to place in the guild warehouse. To clarify, I will post a short list. 

Lapis levels 6 & 7.  Flash, Elemental and Sonic lapis

Legendary Armor for Fury... levels 22-30... for our 22-30 PvPers and GRB toons.

Dreamy gear and Higher (ferox, scholar etc)

Level 60+ weapons and shields for fury only

Any tradeable DP/AP items.. such as ress runes, linking hammers etain potion and any other items you do not wish to keep.

Also any HP/MP/SP super pots...that you are not using. (there is quite the collection of MP pots if someone wants them)

Any item in the guild warehouse can be requested by any guild member. Please remember that anything put in the Guild Ware House will be donated to a guildie if requested. We share in our guild, and ask that any gear you were given be returned to GWH if you replace it with something better. Or pass it along to another guildie in need. Please do NOT sell items that were given to you out of the WH.

If we keep to these guidelines we can become a strong guild. 

Thanks & Play Nice <3

Guild Leadership

rockinmom, Dec 6, 10 12:19 PM.
Guild Leadership has been passed to Capn_Janeway successfully!  I  have noticed that I am only able to have one other rank 2 officer at this time though.

Congrats to Cyn for making Rank 2.  This rank is reserved for those guildies whom participate daily, help others in need and prove themselves trust worthy. I hope several others will find themselves holding this rank soon.

Guild House

rockinmom, Nov 27, 10 7:03 PM.
Well we finally have our guild house. I have upgraded the Blacksmith and the Liquid Med Merchant as much as I could. I also upgraded the gatekeeper to level 4. I will be keeping things this way for a few weeks, to see if we will be able to maintain the fees, without too much trouble.

Congrats to all guildies who helped us get to Rank 4 this week.

The Liquid Med Merchant sells everything for half the price of any other LMM in the game, so be sure to buy your potions from the guild merchant.


rockinmom, Nov 25, 10 3:44 AM.
Due to the upcoming holiday, I will not be on much... The next three weeks or so are filled with appointments, airport runs and many other not so fun things...

Please continue to uphold our guilds ethics, play nice, no KSing and have FUN.

Dont forget to vote... we slipped to spot 2 on the oxegyn server..and need to get back up to #1 if we want that extra 500 DP !!! Admin Syn is the one who gives the DP...his computer is not online atm, but will dole out DP as soon as he can. We managed to get the #1spot back on one of the servers for we should at least see 500 Dp, soon.

Right now we are in the #2 spot on both servers and need everyone to vote the alloted 2x's a day (every 12 hours)..... in order to regain the #1 spot.

Enjoy your holiday season!!

Luv to all. Capn

Guild Raids

rockinmom, Nov 18, 10 10:36 AM.
I would like to try and make a raid for OI after GRB this week. If the Admins do another MM event, the raid will be after the event. please stay in IRIS after the MM event. If there is no event meet up int he guild house, for union set up. This raid is optional, but I would like to have at least 7 level 70 players. All loot will be distributed throughout the raid.      

 Please check back often, for new events.
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Thank you for applying to The Elite immortals! Approval is not automatic, as we want to be sure we have only QUALITY players! So application WILL be reviewed by a guild officer. Thanks again for applying and have fun. :) Management.
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